My dream job.

I studied animation in Ballyfermot College Of further education, the same place my heroes from Cartoon Saloon went. I had always wanted to work for them. I got my chance in a round about way, The immensely talented Adrien Merigeau whom I shared a studio with for several years Invited me to come work on Song of the Sea which he was art directing, it was an incredibly educational and unforgettable experience, and I'm delighted that the film has won many accolades including an Oscar nomination. 

My job on the film was as key background designer, Adriens exquisitely illustrative style was a challenge to realise in a feature animation, and I was brought in as my own style was already similar, along with a crew of geniuses, director Tomm Moore ( AKA the nicest man in animation ) and Adrien the film became a timeless work of art.